My Clerical Outreach Activities


As a member of Clergy, and of the Mother Grove (the governing body of ADF), I have felt it my duty to do outreach to both members and non-members alike. To this end, I have traveled around the USA and the UK visiting Groves and solitaries. I also attend every ADF festival that I can, and also attend selected non-ADF Pagan festivals as well (such as Pantheacon, Sirius Rising and Starwood).

This page is about my outreach activities to Groves, Protogroves and solitaries.


Outreach to the San Diego Druids

In San Diego, CA there is a group of ADF members who were very interested in forming an ADF Protogrove. One day they announced that they would be having an open public rite in celebration of Samhain. This would be a sort of trial run before they had been members of ADF for six months and so would be eligible to form a Protogrove (they applied in December, 2006). Rev. David Foster and I drove to San Diego and attended their rite, and then we all went out to coffee afterwards to talk about grove organizing, cosmology, and all those fun things grove organizers need to know.

John, Dan and Bryan of the San Diego Druids prepare
for their Samhain rite on the beach.

Visit to the Hollow Hills Protogrove in the UK

In the summer of 2006 I traveled to the UK to attend a two-week intensive course in the Welsh language at the University of Wales, Lampeter. On the way, I stopped in to meet the folks of Hollow Hills Protogrove in Farnborough, Hampshire, near London. We had a lovely time, and I got to find out all about what they are doing for our church. And I got to 'wave the flag' of ADF a bit, letting them know that we're all excited about our Grove in the UK!

The folks of Hollow Hills Protogrove
Venus Clark, Regional Druid for Europe and Preceptor of the ADF Liturgists Guild (left); and Doreen Taylor, Grove Organizer of the Hollow Hills Protogrove (right)

My Work with the Enchanted Desert Protogrove in New Mexico

I have been the grove mentor for this Protogrove in Alamorgordo since it's inception in 2003. I have made numerous visits, at first to lead rituals, and then to attend them in support of the Grove Organizer, Polarity. In 2004 I had the honor to officiate at her wedding. It was held at the White Sands National Monument, and was an incredible experience. Polarity had me perform the wedding in the midst of a full, ADF ritual. I wrote the service especially for this wedding, setting it in a Welsh hearth cultural context.

I'm the guy in the middle with the shaved head.
The Wedding Party


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