My ADF Clergy Council Activities

I am currently the Archivist for the council, but prior to December, 2006, I was the Registrar, and as such, I kept the records on the various members of clergy, such as their Ordination or Consecration dates, their progress in the Clergy Training Program, etc.

First ADF Clergy Retreat

At the end of September, 2006, the Clergy Council held its first retreat to complete a number of goals. We wanted to finalize a simplification of the ADF Order of Ritual but primarily, we wanted to create a clergy 'cultus' or Order where we would all have a common spiritual locale, reached through trance, where we can work together in the Other Worlds. We succeeded with both goals!

Rev. Kirk Thomas, Rev. Ian Corrigan, Rev. Liafal

Rev. Liafal, Rev. Skip Ellison, Meredith MacDonald, Illious

Illious, Carrion Mann, Raven Mann, Rev. Patrick Donlea

Meredith MacDonald, Rev. Michael Dangler, Rev. Jenni Hunt

Rev. Ellison leads Rev. Francesca Hedrick and Rev. David Foster
in the rite for the Clergy Order. This one was performed in Arizona.
I participated in this rite as well.

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